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Easy regulation of decanter pond depth

  • Easy starts and stops
  • Optimized cleaning
  • Increased uptime and yield
  • The separation process can be adjusted to compensate for feedstock variations
  • No need for slide gates or other equipment to handle liquid overflow
  • Higher product quality in some applications

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Maximize separation with PondCtrl


Available for new decanters and as an upgrade

The PondCtrl system is available for all new Alfa Laval Foodec and STNX decanters equipped with a paring disc outlet.

The system is also available as an upgrade and can be retrofitted to all two-phase decanters with a paring disc outlet. Contact us for a discussion on how we can improve the operation and flexibility of your decanter.

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The easy way to optimize the taste of plant-based drinks

The fibre content of a plant-based drink has a major influence on its taste and mouthfeel. Setting the right balance in the separation process and leaving the right amount of fine fibres in the product therefore has a big impact on its success on the market.

With PondCtrl you can easily adjust the separation in your decanter, making it possible to finetune the taste and mouthfeel of your product, all while the decanter is operating.

Hear product and application specialists Peter Jørgensen and Rikard Krook explain how you can benefit from PondCtrl.


Increase decanter uptime in vegetable proteins production

As with all processes in the food industry, frequent cleaning is key in vegetable proteins production in order to ensure product quality and food safety. With PondCtrl you optimize the cleaning of your decanter centrifuge, and facilitate starting and stopping procedures, resulting in increased uptime and yield.

In addition, PondCtrl makes it easy to adjust the process to compensate for variations in the feedstock and ensure a stable product quality.

How it works

The PondCtrl system is perfect for applications where decanters are operated with a high liquid level in order to maximize separation performance. In these cases, PondCtrl greatly facilitates daily operation and offers a range of benefits.

Click the link below for a more detailed description of how PondCtrl works.

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Alfa Laval Foodec decanter centrifuges are specifically designed for processing delicate food and beverage products. Top-level hygiene and exceptional separation performance have made Foodec the preferred choice for many food and beverage applications.

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Foodec Hygiene Plus

Alfa Laval Foodec decanter centrifuges are best-in-class when it comes to performance and efficiency. With Foodec Hygiene Plus, extra features designed to boost hygiene are included as standard. For applications with very stringent hygiene requirements, we can also offer additional features to further increase the hygienic level.

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Alfa Laval’s STNX decanter centrifuge range is used for a wide range of different starch processing operations, such as dewatering of heat-coagulated potato protein and maize gluten, wheat starch, and protein splitting.

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