Energy efficiency

Advancing towards fuel savings and efficient operations 

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Our energy-saving solutions within heat transfer, separation and fluid handling provide a range of benefits : 

  • Enhanced vessel efficiency 
  • Remarkable fuel savings & improved financial performance of the vessel 
  • Reduced emissions and environmental impact. This improves Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating and meets IMO’s Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) and Energy Efficiency Existing Index (EEXI) standards.  
  • 24/7 Service  & Support for optimized operations 

Enhance onboard energy efficiency with our innovative technologies

From waste heat to added value

Alfa Laval’s boiler technology can help save up to 14% on energy use and carbon emissions by maximizing waste heat recovery from main and auxiliary engines. This technology benefits both the bottom line and the environment, without compromising onboard safety.

Steam and hot water

Efficient heating & cooling for peak performance

Alfa Laval marine heat exchangers draw on more than 100 years of innovation in heating and cooling technology. With our dedicated R&D, expect the highest performance and extended service life through optimal heat transfer and reduced fouling.

Water and fire

Real savings and reduced emissions with air bubbles

Alfa Laval OceanGlide is a unique air lubrication system that saves 8–12% fuel with fluidic technology. It creates a layer of micro air bubbles under the vessel, reducing friction and drag. This improves ship’s efficiency, lowers fuel costs, supports decarbonization and reduces marine noise.

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Turning waste heat into clean electricity

Reduce fuel consumption, emissions and improve EEDI/EEXI and CII by converting onboard waste heat directly into electrical power with our advanced heat recovery based on Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology. The power can be generated from both high & low-temperature sources on board.

Vessel night

Sustainable products for energy-efficient shipping

Elevating energy efficiency onboard by reducing fuel consumption and improving CII and EEDI/EEXI

Fluidic air lubrication


Propulsion power savings of up 12%, resulting in lower fuel costs and emissions

Power from waste heat


Turning waste heat on board into clean electricity for fuel efficiency

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Fresh water generation

AQUA Blue E2

Significant savings through efficient use of electrical power and waste heat


Heating & cooling

Plate heat exchangers

Low energy solution with high heat transfer rate for existing & new fuels.

Waste heat recovery

Aalborg WHR Boiler/ Economizer

Significant savings with up to 45-50% heat recovery from the exhaust gas.


Customer success stories

Empowering customers with our sustainable solutions and innovative technologies 


A.P. Moller - Maersk and Grimaldi Group choose Aqua Blue E2 for its remarkable energy efficiency

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Odfjell chooses OceanGlide to enhance energy efficiency and reduce emissions

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DFDS builds a path to energy efficiency with Aalborg Micro economizer

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Understanding EEXI & CII

From January 2023, ships must comply with the IMO’s EEXI/ EEDI & CII regulations or be deemed unfit to sail. Our expert Kate Schroder Jensen’s blog provides insights and answers to common questions that arise when grappling with these with the environmental regulations on EEXI and CII.



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